Is sustainable peace a fantasy?

Image Is sustainable peace a fantasy?

Human beings have always tried to establish a peace treaty for centuries. Standards allowing global peace establishments are launched by the United Nations, with the mutual aid of governments from several and different countries nowadays. Many branches of the United Nations are also working all around the world in order to set up harmony.

Besides, millions of non-governmental organizations like the Prem Rawat Foundation and billions of volunteers work 24 hours a day for the mission of global peace.

A difficult goal to reach

Even if organizations and activists make great efforts to reach that goal:

  • Several people are still victims of terrorist attacks everyday
  • Frauds and bribery still soar everyday
  • We always hear about cases of robbery, rapes and murders everyday
  • Deaths due to hunger and famine still occur on the Earth everyday
  • There are still riots for a reason to another everyday
  • Arguments still explode between relatives, friends and neighbors everyday
  • Every day and everywhere, we can still note pains, agony and sufferings.

Peace is a part of human nature. It is simply natural for human beings to set up peace and contentment for themselves, for their relatives and family and those are close to them. We are paid and spend just attaining peace and happiness.

We make efforts to create a situation of peace; however, we do not realize that peace is already in all of us and we cannot get it from outside of ourselves. Peace cannot be neither preached nor practiced. It is highly recommended to experiment it. It is not really up to external factors, which are qualified as peace disruptors by several organizations.

However, peace is not utopia

Serenity is not utopia. It is an ultimate reality and can be lived by all of us, without taking our social classes, economical, cultural, linguistic, religious or national diversities in consideration as the Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat has well-explained during his instructions.

If a disease can be contagious and if a riot can easily develop from one side to another, establishing peace is as simple as that. Peace, from a person to another can be easily spread with family, community, society, nations and even all around the globe.

Sustainable peace starts by inner peace

Eternal peace is obviously utopian. We can live in the moment of relative peace but in the end, there is always a conflict. While at a macrocosmic level, there will be a concurrence for limited resources and a struggle for the control. And at a microcosmic level, we are facing internal conflicts, for example, when our spirit tells us not to do a thing but we do it anyway.

To sum up, if each of us does not find peace within, launching peace will remain difficult. Peace is contagious. The best way to experiment global peace will only be realized through individual peace. Peace is our birthright, let us claim it now.