Nurture inner peace to transmit serenity

Nurture inner peace to transmit serenity

Inner peace is not only reserved for yogi, the hermits or monks, who are living in remote location, praying or meditating all day. It also affects people who have an ordinary life, a job, who are now married and have children. Nurturing inner peace aims at transforming you into a better person in the daily life, and especially into a fulfilled person. As Prem Rawat said: “Without peace, life may seem empty”.

What is inner peace?

It is a state of emotional and mental peace, without any agitating or upsetting thoughts; it is the ability to control over the spirit, mood and reactions. Genuine inner peace is independent from any other conditions and external circumstances. It fosters tranquility, harmony, inner balance; it helps you stay calm, quiet, it is a self-monitor capacity, even through difficult and unpleasant situations. Inner peace is important both when everything is okay and when you have problems, difficulties or danger.

A state of inner peace, according to Prem Rawat, eliminates anxiety, fears and worries. It also deletes negative thoughts, stress, lack of self-satisfaction and misfortune. It is a state of emotional and mental balance, happiness, confidence and inner force.

The main reasons why we need to have inner peace

It improves our capacity to focus our spirit

In today's world, there are plenty of distractions which may be the sources of anxiety and concern. Inner peace teaches the appropriate coping strategies so that we can change our negative feelings to action steps while maintaining our spirit to focus on what really matters in our life.

It improves our relationship with others

Our feelings for ourselves are quite similar to the way that we perceive our surrounding world. This perception of the world guides our answers and actions. If we feel inner peace, our vision of ourselves will be improved. Consequently, the world that surrounds us will seem like brighter and better. And that will lead to positive reactions and actions from us. The more positive we are, the better we perceive the world.

It will allow us to enjoy happiness

Happiness is just an elusive emotion which does not happen easily at the present moment. Having inner peace, less stress and anxiety, will allow us to deeply feel our happy moment. When we nurture a conscious way of life and a feeling of inner peace, those happy moments will feel like their greater and look like they will last longer.

How can we create inner peace in order to transmit tranquility?

The first thing to do is to consider peace as a priority. If you do not emphasize peace, it will not be important in your life anymore and the other areas will go beyond. You will not find the appropriate time or even the motivation to do anything around it. Secondly, you must understand that you cannot have inner peace easily. Effort and your intention are required to have it. It is better to consider this effort as a positive thing that you are willing to hope and appreciate.

When you decide to make peace internally important in your life, your intuition and your creativity spirit will furnish other ideas to improve things in your life. Remember, you were born to live in a state of an optimal spirit. The more actions you do to make it happen during your lifetime, the closer you will feel with your creator.